Public Release of Advance Longmont 2.0

At Longmont Economic Development Partnership, we lead a comprehensive and collaborative approach to building an economic ecosystem. 

Advance Longmont 2.0 is the city’s new economic development strategy. It champions a vision of growth, prosperity, and inclusion as the pillars of a successful, vibrant, and resilient local economy. Advance Longmont 2.0 proposes a structure of collective impact: a community-wide collaboration to address our shared economic challenges and accelerate our shared opportunities. By focusing on Talent, Place, Industry, Connectivity, and Impact, we believe Advance Longmont 2.0 presents the best opportunity our community has to collectively tackle the issues that matter.

On Tuesday November 12th, Longmont City Council officially adopted Advance Longmont 2.0 as the city’s economic development strategy. We are excited to move into formal implementation of the plan and support the vision of a vibrant and inclusive local economy. Learn more about the plan by clicking here »


Announcing the Launch of our Data Insights & Reports Service

At Longmont Economic Development Partnership, we pride ourselves on our data-driven approach to economic development. 

In our Advance Longmont 2.0 strategic plan update, we used rich data sets to build a comprehensive view of our local economy, ranging from top-line numbers like unemployment to specific calculations like the average monthly mortgage cost. As a result, we have built our capacity and tools in-house to provide wide-ranging analysis on a variety of subjects and needs.

Today, we are excited to launch our official Data Insights & Reports service! With our robust access to data sets and analysis tools, we can create a variety of reports for you to provide more in-depth insight about our community, economy, and region.

Here are some of the things we can answer for you:

  • Do you need data about going wage rates for your industry or for occupations?
  • Do you need additional insight about traffic flows and business locations for your next real estate project?
  • How about community profiles or demographic data about our community or surrounding communities? 
  • Do you want to know more about the best locations to recruit talent from around the nation for your company?
  • Do you want to understand more about Longmont’s opportunities and future projections of growth?

We can run the likely availability of talent based on wages!

We can find from which markets you should focus your recruiting efforts!

Example Reports

We offer both off-the-shelf reports and custom reports.

Our off-the-shelf reports provide community and demographic information. We run these reports regularly and provide them as low-cost options for your project. 

Our custom reports, like the wage availability or talent markets, are wide ranging. We can answer almost anything you are wondering about! Click below to see a couple of our custom reports that we developed for clients.

A cross-regional comparison of talent affordability for a company. To view, please click the image or click here.

A study of commuter flow traffic of residents of Longmont and where they work. To view, please click the image or click here.


We would love to provide data and insights for your current or next project. Off-the-shelf reports cost $25 and custom reports are developed at $50/hour. Most project only take one or two hours. Longmont EDP Investors receive a 20% discount!

Please contact Morgan Smith, Vice President, at [email protected] with your questions or interest!

Organization Press Release

Longmont EDP Announces Opening of Advance Longmont Center


Contact Name:            Jessica Erickson, President/CEO                       
Organization:               Longmont Economic Development Partnership
Phone Number:           303-651-0128
Email:                           [email protected]

Longmont, CO:  On Monday, October 7, Longmont EDP will officially open the doors of the Advance Longmont Center to the public. Located at 1925 Pike Road, Suite 202, in the newly developed Front Range Office Campus, the Advance Longmont Center will provide resources, inspiration, and spaces for Longmont’s business and civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. The Center is intended to be a hub for those who want to innovate, build a business, or connect with like-minded community leaders.

The 4,000-square-foot Advance Longmont Center is home to:

  • Longmont Economic Development Partnership – A public/private partnership organization, Longmont EDP offers a variety of services and resources to support the relocation, retention, and expansion of business in Longmont and serves as the gateway to Longmont for all businesses.
  • One/West Coworking – A brand new Class A office coworking space with mountain views and elegant design, One/West provides direct access to economic development resources, and a powerful community of members ranging from local startups to real estate developers and investors and everyone in between. One/West provides space and events for collaboration and meaningful networking. Your new home for connection, One/West offers day passes, monthly memberships, training room and board room facilities.
  • Innovate Longmont – Innovate Longmont is a startup platform for entrepreneurs with innovative and transformative ideas. At Innovate Longmont, we invest in our local entrepreneurs by running accelerators, funding startups, and building innovative products in our in-house studio. Innovate Longmont is currently run and managed by: Longmont EDP, TinkerMill, Boulder SBDC, Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce, and Startup Longmont.
  • EforAll – EforAll believes everyone should be given the opportunity, resources, and support to turn their dream of starting a business into reality. The organization works with individuals across a wide range of industries who may be in the idea stage, have a hobby they want to take to the next level, or those looking to pivot or grow an existing business. Their business accelerator program is a free, on-year program offering a unique combination of immersive business training, mentorship and access to an extended professional network.

The opening of the Advance Longmont Center would not be possible without the partnership, contribution, and investment of WestRac Contracting Corp.Caribou Office, and Picture Perfect Paint & Finish, who generously donated time, services, materials, and resources to bring the Center to life.

The Advance Longmont Center hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. The Center is open to the public during these hours and can be reached by phone at 303-651-0128 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Longmont EDP will host a grand opening and Longmont Chamber Ribbon Cutting on Tuesday, November 19, from 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. All are welcome.


About Longmont Economic Development Partnership: Longmont Economic Development Partnership is a public/private 501c(6) non-profit economic development organization serving the greater Longmont area. As Longmont’s primary agent for economic development, the Partnership leads a comprehensive and collaborative economic development strategy to promote and strengthen the Longmont community’s economic health. Longmont Economic Development Partnership offers a variety of services and resources to support the relocation, retention, and expansion of business in Longmont and serves as the gateway to Longmont for all businesses.