Longmont Economic Development Partnership’s mission is to lead a comprehensive, collaborative economic development strategy to promote and strengthen our community’s economic health.

A 501c(6) non-profit organization, Longmont EDP exists to help build and maintain a vibrant and inclusive economy, and to help Longmont achieve its full potential for growth, prosperity, and inclusion.

Longmont EDP is a true public/private partnership, a networked organization bringing the resources of the public and private sectors to bear to create a collective impact on our shared economic future. Through this model, we are free to use creative approaches to economic development leveraging the time, talent, and treasure of both the public and private sectors to make sure Longmont becomes the best version of itself.

Longmont EDP is working alongside both our public and private sector investors in unprecedented ways to ensure Longmont’s continued success, making Longmont the most desirable and welcoming location for businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent in the region and beyond.


Your Impact

Longmont EDP engages funding partners that share our passion for Longmont’s vision of collective impact and a vibrant and inclusive local economy. Your investment in Longmont EDP supports our work in the areas of:

  • Strengthening Longmont’s Competitive Position through implementation of Advance Longmont 2.0.
  • Marketing Longmont Nationally & Globally as a premier destination for industry and talent.
  • Supporting the Creation & Retention of Quality Jobs by pursuing a strategy of targeting specific industry clusters.
  • Advancing Opportunities for Entrepreneurship & Innovation by constructing a “no wrong door” entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Advocating on Behalf of All Businesses that share our vision of collective impact, an inclusive local economy, and prosperity for all.
How is your investment spent?
The ASPIRE Leadership Council & Fund

With every annual investment of $5,000 or more, 25% of that investment goes to the ASPIRE Fund, a flexible financial resource to develop and implement aspirational strategies supporting Longmont’s ability to achieve its greatest economic potential. An annual investment in Longmont EDP of $5,000+ includes a seat on the ASPIRE Leadership Council, an action-oriented group of influential private sector leaders that guides the goals and objectives for use of the ASPIRE fund.

Longmont EDP Investment Opportunities

With every level of investment in Longmont EDP, each investing organization will have the opportunity to take advantage of our “Visibility, Impact, and Support” benefits package. The level of benefit is commensurate with the dollar amount of your annual investment.

Learn more at or by contacting Longmont EDP at 303-651-0128.

Annual Investment Levels:
  • APEX ($20,000/year)
  • SUMMIT ($10,000/year)
  • PEAK ($5,000/year)
  • CHAMPION ($2,500/year)
  • CATALYST ($1,250/year)
For more detail on investment levels and benefits
Longmont EDP is an Enterprise Zone (EZ) Contribution Project. EZ Contribution Projects encourage community participation and public-private partnerships to help revitalize economically distressed areas. EZ Contribution Projects help implement the economic development plan of a specific area, resulting in business creation, attraction, retention, and expansion. Longmont EDP investors and sponsors earn a Colorado income tax credit equal to 25% of your total contribution (e.g. $10,000 contribution = $2,500 tax credit).

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    With every level of investment in Longmont EDP, each investing organization has the opportunity to take advantage of our “VISIBILITY | IMPACT | SUPPORT” benefits package. The level of benefit is commensurate with the dollar amount of your annual investment.

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