Aerospace Industry in Longmont: A Skyward Trajectory

Longmont stands as a beacon of innovation and growth in the aerospace industry, fortified by the presence of trailblazers like RedWire, Maxar Technologies, and EnerSys, just to name a few. Our city’s strategic geographical advantage, coupled with robust infrastructure including the state-of-the-art NextLight fiber-optic network, propels Longmont to the forefront of aerospace excellence.

The establishment of RedWire’s recent expansion underscores Longmont’s pivotal role in pioneering space technology, tripling its hardware throughput and cementing our city’s status as an aerospace hub. Maxar Technologies contributes with its cutting-edge satellite technology, further elevating Longmont’s aerospace credentials. Meanwhile, EnerSys’s recent accolade from the U.S. Department of Energy highlights our community’s commitment to innovative and sustainable aerospace solutions.

With comprehensive support from Longmont EDP and a collaborative ecosystem, Longmont fosters a conducive environment for aerospace entities to thrive. Whether it’s satellite technology, space exploration, or energy solutions, Longmont is poised for skyward growth, inviting aerospace companies to be part of our stellar journey.

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Aerospace Featured Companies

Featured Businesses

Maxar: Pioneering Space Exploration from Longmont

Maxar Technologies, based in Longmont, leads the way in satellite communications and Earth observation systems. Positioned at the forefront of global innovation, Maxar's cutting-edge technology supports a wide range of applications from urban planning to climate monitoring, securing Longmont's reputation as an aerospace hub. Our city's strategic location and supportive business environment make it an ideal home for Maxar's groundbreaking work, contributing to advancements in space technology and exploration.

RedWire: Advancing Space Infrastructure in Longmont

RedWire is transforming space infrastructure with its innovative solutions right here in Longmont. Specializing in manufacturing and deploying advanced technology for space missions, RedWire's presence underscores Longmont's strategic importance in the aerospace sector. The company's expansion into a new facility in our city triples its hardware throughput, highlighting the thriving aerospace ecosystem Longmont offers, including access to skilled labor and cutting-edge research.

EnerSys: Powering the Future from Longmont

EnerSys in Longmont is at the forefront of stored energy solutions, driving innovation in industrial applications. Recognized with the U.S. Department of Energy's Better Project Award, EnerSys's contributions to sustainability and energy efficiency set industry standards. Their commitment to advancing battery technology from Longmont not only underlines our city's role in promoting sustainable manufacturing but also showcases our supportive environment for leading-edge companies looking to make a global impact.

Featured Businesses

Sun Construction

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Max Tech Center: A Life Sciences & Technology Campus

Located in the heart of Longmont, this 24-acre campus offers 475,000 square feet of space with in place infrastructure tailored to meet the stringent requirements associated with life sciences, R&D, and/or technology-related uses. The existing structure is easily demisable to suit a variety of tenant sizes. Located in Boulder County, MTC is ideally located in an amenity-rich area to help attract and retain the best and brightest life sciences talent.

Longmont’s Own Fiber-fast Internet

NextLight is community-based and community-owned. With gigabit fiber, we provide fast and reliable connections that no other service can match. Recognized as one of the fastest ISPs in the nation, NextLight has the bandwidth to support all of today’s business and residential needs.