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Longmont: A Strategic Hub for IT Software & Hardware Innovation

Longmont, known for its strategic location and robust infrastructure, is emerging as a nexus for innovation in the IT Software & Hardware sectors. The city’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment for businesses is evident in its newly designated CHIPS Zone. This development is a testament to Longmont’s dedication to enhancing its technological landscape, offering significant incentives and opportunities for semiconductor companies and related IT businesses.

The CHIPS Zone: Catalyzing Growth in IT and Semiconductor Industries

The CHIPS Zone in Longmont marks a pivotal moment for the IT Software & Hardware sectors. Designed to attract semiconductor companies and facilitate their growth, the zone provides access to state income tax credits for various business-related expenses, including hiring and training employees, investing in personal property, and research and development expenditures. This initiative not only underlines Longmont’s commitment to the IT and semiconductor industries but also aligns with federal funding opportunities through the CHIPS and Science Act, propelling Longmont into the national spotlight as a competitive location for technology businesses.

Why Longmont for IT Software & Hardware?
  • Strategic Location: Nestled in the vibrant Northern Colorado region, Longmont offers unparalleled access to a thriving technology ecosystem, major research institutions, and a highly skilled workforce.
  • Robust Infrastructure: With state-of-the-art facilities and the presence of NextLight, the community-owned fiber-optic network providing gigabit internet speeds, Longmont is equipped to meet the high-tech demands of the IT Software & Hardware industries.
  • Incentives and Support: The CHIPS Zone, along with Longmont EDP’s comprehensive suite of services, offers a supportive environment for businesses to innovate, grow, and thrive.
  • Community and Collaboration: Longmont fosters a collaborative environment where businesses, from startups to established companies, can benefit from networking opportunities, partnerships, and a community that champions technological innovation.

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Featured Businesses

AMD and CHIPS Zone: Accelerating Innovation

AMD's presence in Longmont, now enhanced by the newly designated CHIPS Zone, marks a significant boost for the semiconductor giant. This strategic advantage enables AMD to tap into state income tax credits for various business-related expenses, fostering further innovation and growth. The CHIPS Zone not only solidifies Longmont's status as a tech hub but also offers AMD unique opportunities for expansion and development, reinforcing the city's role in shaping the future of technology.

Scythe Robotics Expands to Revolutionize Landscaping

Scythe Robotics is scaling its operations significantly due to increasing demand for its autonomous, electric lawn mowers. This expansion enhances their production, research, and customer support capabilities. As a leader in robotic landscaping, Scythe Robotics is committed to transforming the green industry with eco-friendly innovations. Their growth underlines a shift towards sustainable and efficient landscaping solutions, positioning them at the forefront of outdoor maintenance technology.

Micron's expansion triples Hardware Throughput

Micron Technology expanded its operations in Longmont with a new 26,000-square-foot facility, focusing on advanced antenna technology and deployable structures for space missions. This expansion aimed to triple Micron's hardware throughput, highlighting Longmont's importance in the aerospace sector and its capability to support complex space missions. The development underscored Micron's commitment to aerospace innovation and reinforced Longmont's role as a key hub for aerospace activity, positively impacting the local economy and the city's high-tech industry status​​.


Nestled in Longmont, CO, Seagate Technologies pioneers data storage solutions. Its facility, a bastion of innovation, merges advanced manufacturing with sustainability. From high-capacity hard drives to SSDs, Seagate leads in tech. Beyond hardware, it fosters community ties, enriching Longmont through philanthropy and education. Seagate's legacy is one of technological advancement, environmental stewardship, and local impact.

Featured Businesses

Sun Construction

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Max Tech Center: A Life Sciences & Technology Campus

Located in the heart of Longmont, this 24-acre campus offers 475,000 square feet of space with in place infrastructure tailored to meet the stringent requirements associated with life sciences, R&D, and/or technology-related uses. The existing structure is easily demisable to suit a variety of tenant sizes. Located in Boulder County, MTC is ideally located in an amenity-rich area to help attract and retain the best and brightest life sciences talent.

Longmont’s Own Fiber-fast Internet

NextLight is community-based and community-owned. With gigabit fiber, we provide fast and reliable connections that no other service can match. Recognized as one of the fastest ISPs in the nation, NextLight has the bandwidth to support all of today’s business and residential needs.