ELEVATE Longmont is Longmont EDP’s business retention and expansion program. Longmont EDP offers many services to existing primary employers including the provision of data insights & reports, incentive negotiations, administration of the North Metro Enterprise Zone, the City Leadership program, advocacy, and site selection services.

Part of Longmont EDP’s efforts to promote a strong local economy includes contacting all of the Longmont area’s existing primary employers on a yearly basis to ENGAGE, LISTEN, EDUCATE, VALUE, ACKNOWLEDGE, TELL THE STORY and EXECUTE, through the ELEVATE program: the survey, Executive Roundtable discussions, and the State of Industry Report. The goal of these efforts is to identify industry trends, gather strategic intelligence, address concerns, identify new opportunities, and offer support. The results are used to inform LEDP’s future programs, initiatives, and policies.






Tell The Story


Why do we conduct the survey? Why is it important?

The goals of the survey are twofold: to gauge the current state of the Longmont business environment, and to identify challenges and opportunities that our primary employers are facing or may face in the future. This data allows Longmont EDP to determine industry trends, gather strategic intelligence, identify concerns, discover new opportunities, and offer support to primary businesses who contribute so much to the economic vitality of Longmont.

Each year, we compile this information into the State of Industry Report, a summary and analysis of all the data we received from our primary employers through the ELEVATE survey, as well as a look to the future opportunities we have to offer Longmont’s Primary Employers.

For more information, please contact Erin Fosdick, President & CEO for Longmont EDP at [email protected] or by phone at (303) 651-0128 

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