A data-driven approach to economic development.

We pride ourselves on our data-driven approach to building an economic ecosystem that champions and supports business. With our robust access to data sets and analysis tools, we can create a variety of reports to provide more in-depth insight about our community, economy, and region.

Economic and fiscal impact modeling.

We conduct regular economic and fiscal impact modeling on relocation opportunities, development projects, and more. Our powerful tools account for the local tax environment and create easy-to-read reports and infographics.

Community, demographic, and economic data.

We have built up our in-house capacity to provide in-depth reporting using rich data sets on community, demographic, and economic data. We are actively blending and testing publicly available and private data sets and tools to create powerful reports.

Example Insights

The availability of regional workforce at varying wage rates. We ran this report for a company examining the availability of the talent pool at different salaries.

The hottest national markets to recruit from. We built this report for a company seeking deeper insights about the availability of a highly-specialized occupation; they used these insights to target their recruitment efforts. 

Example Reports

A cross-regional comparison of talent affordability for a company. To view, please click the image or click here.

A study of commuter flow traffic of residents of Longmont and where they work. To view, please click the image or click here.

An example fiscal and economic impact analysis on a manufacturing project. To view, please click the image or click here.

An example traffic count map directly near an active development project. To view, please click the image or click here.


We would love to provide data and insights for your current or next project. Off-the-shelf reports cost $25 and custom reports are developed at $50/hour. Most project only take one or two hours. Longmont EDP Investors receive a 20% discount!

Please contact Stephanie Pitts-Noggle, Economic Development Specialist, at [email protected] with your questions or interest!

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