Site Selection Services

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Site Selection

Longmont EDP offers services to brokers who are working with clients looking for real estate options in the Longmont area. Services include property searches for available commercial properties and incentive negotiation. 

Property Listings and referrals

Longmont EDP maintains a database of available commercial properties and brokers are encouraged to share their commercial listings with us for exposure to the opportunities they represent in the Longmont area.

Commercial Brokers of Longmont

The Commercial Brokers of Longmont meets every other month and allows brokers an opportunity to expose their properties to each other and the Longmont EDP community of potential clients, investors and partners.

Prospect Alerts for investors

Longmont EDP offers its Investor Brokers alerts for prospect real estate needs.  Prospects request a search for real estate and Investor Brokers will receive an alert asking if they have properties that meet the criteria and should be shared with that prospect.


Longmont EDP works closely with the City of Longmont leadership and is an advocate for new projects, code updates, planning process changes, etc.  Our leadership team convenes our broker investors on an as-needed basis for discussions with City leadership on policy changes and supporting commercial real estate development projects.

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