Longmont EDP, Cornerstone Home Lending launch “Longmont Start to Home”

Longmont, Colo.: Longmont Economic Development Partnership (EDP) and Cornerstone Home Lending today announced the launch of “Longmont Start to Home”, a unique talent relocation and retention program designed to help employees of Longmont-based employers enjoy a stress-free relocation and home buying experience from start to home.

The innovative new program is available to Longmont-based employers who are investors in Longmont EDP and prospective employers with whom Longmont EDP is working to attract or expand into the community. “Longmont Start to Home” offers comprehensive, best-in-class home buying services from leading industry professionals, simplifies the home purchase and mortgage process for Longmont-based employees or future employees, and significantly reduces relocation costs for both employer and employee. As of now, this program is nationally unique to Longmont and Longmont EDP.

Through Cornerstone Home Lending, “Longmont Start to Home” offers employees of Longmont-based employers a dedicated team focused on serving their home buying needs, whether they are relocating across the country or across town. Depending on the needs of the employee, and contributions by the employer, the program may also provide: reduced costs to employees with discounted home buying, lending, and moving fees; a $2,000 lender-paid credit from Cornerstone; reduced mortgage insurance premiums from Arch MI; exclusive access to HomeScout, a next-generation, immersive real estate search app featuring 100% MLS data; and full marketing support and resources for employers to promote the program internally.

Going forward Longmont EDP and Cornerstone also plan to partner with trusted local service providers to offer discounted services such as landscaping, home improvement, pet care, daycare, plumbing, and many more services for new home buyers taking advantage of the “Start to Home” program.

With the ‘Longmont Start to Home’ program, we believe we have created a positively different, all-inclusive talent relocation and retention program for Longmont-based employers and their employees,” stated Lonnie Jenkins, Vice President/Regional Market Manager at Cornerstone Home Lending. “While we hope to expand the “Start to Home” program to other communities in the future, we couldn’t be more excited to launch this program in Longmont in partnership with Longmont EDP, supporting their efforts to attract and retain primary employers and the talent they need to thrive in our community.”

Longmont EDP President and CEO, Jessica Erickson, added “One of the focus areas of the Advance Longmont 2.0 economic development strategy is the attraction and retention of talent to meet the needs of Longmont’s primary industry base, and we know that access to home ownership opportunities is critical to our ability to succeed in these efforts.

The partnership with Cornerstone Home Lending and the “Longmont Start to Home” program provides a great opportunity for us to support Longmont-based employers in their efforts to attract and retain quality talent in Longmont. It’s really an additional employee benefit a Longmont-based employer can offer their employees at very little cost to the employer.”

Learn more about the Longmont Star to Home program at https://longmont.relocationportal.com/.

Longmont-based employers interested in learning how they can offer the “Longmont Start to Home” program benefits to their employees should contact Longmont EDP at [email protected] or 303-651-0128.


About Longmont Economic Development Partnership: A 501(c)6 non-profit organization founded in 1981, Longmont EDP is funded with both public and private dollars. More than 120 private sector businesses join the City of Longmont, Boulder County, and Platte River Power Authority as our economic partners. Longmont Economic Development Partnership leads a comprehensive approach to building an economic ecosystem that not only supports, but champions businesses and their owners. From world-famous brewers to smart manufacturing plants, specialized business catalysts to world-class research facilities, our businesses in Longmont build an economy that champions growth, prosperity, and inclusion. Longmont’s newly launched economic development strategy, Advance Longmont 2.0, focuses on quality job creation and business investment. We activate a powerful civic infrastructure that identifies problems, creates innovative solutions, and implements these programs across partner organizations. For us, Advance Longmont means doing it together. Learn more at www.longmont.org.

About Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.: Established in 1988, Cornerstone is a refreshingly unique national home lender with thousands of highly satisfied clients who return to Cornerstone year after year, loan after loan. Cornerstone’s Mission clearly states that their most important goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Quite simply, Cornerstone is guided by a heart of service, operates with integrity, and treats their clients with the utmost respect. They listen to determine the right loan program that meets their clients’ goals and meets the agreed-upon closing date. Learn more at www.houseloan.com.


Contact Name: Jessica Erickson, President/CEO                   
Organization: Longmont Economic Development Partnership
Phone Number: 303-651-0128
Email: [email protected]

Contact Name: Lonnie Jenkins, Vice President/Regional Market Manager
Organization: Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc.
Phone Number:  303-547-3442
Email: [email protected]

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