Longmont Economic Development Partnership Releases Survey Results 87% Of Respondents Reported They Would “Strongly Recommend” Longmont To Their Friends

LONGMONT, CO (August 4, 2020) – Longmont Economic Development Partnership (Longmont EDP) recently commissioned a Workforce Perception survey to get a pulse on how Longmont-based workers viewed living and working in Longmont.

62 people responded to the survey. Top-line takeaways include:

  • 87% would strongly recommend Longmont to a friend or colleague.
  • 80% felt that Longmont was a safe place to live.
  • 9 out of 10 said that the city had “a strong community vibe.”
  • 85% felt that Longmont supported a strong work/life balance.

Survey questions took respondents on a deep dive, posing questions that asked for their opinions in several categories including safety, hospitality, access to entertainment and restaurants, access to outdoor recreation activities for kids and adults, the quality of the schools, workplace advancement opportunities, and the innovation of the companies based here.

For more results of the Workforce Perception study, see the accompanying infographic.

“What Longmont has to offer is more than just the great quality of life, the affordability, the fast internet, and the gorgeous mountains that are only 20 minutes away,” said Jessica Erickson, president and CEO of Longmont EDP. “What the survey showed was that Longmont is a community that is supportive and energizing for families, individuals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses. Despite some of the challenges we are all facing on a global scale, this is still a wonderfully vibrant and exciting time in Longmont.”

In the last five years, Longmont EDP has spearheaded projects that have helped to attract or expand more than 150 businesses to Longmont including Smucker’s, AveXis, Acertara, and Sticker Giant.

“With all the uncertainty today, we continue to see growth and expansion in Longmont,” she added. “Businesses are choosing to move here, and businesses are being creative in how they are responding to and adapting to the pandemic. Our city council, school district, and other civic organizations are coming together to help each other. People see and are encouraged by the opportunity they find here.”


ABOUT Longmont EDP: A 501(c)6 non-profit organization founded in 1981, Longmont EDP is funded with both public and private dollars. More than 120 private sector businesses join the City of Longmont, Boulder County, and Platte River Power Authority as our economic partners. Longmont Economic Development Partnership leads a comprehensive approach to building an economic ecosystem that not only supports but champions businesses and their owners. From world-famous brewers to smart manufacturing plants, specialized business catalysts to world-class research facilities, our businesses in Longmont build an economy that champions growth, prosperity, and inclusion. Longmont’s newly launched economic development strategy, Advance Longmont 2.0, focuses on quality job creation and business investment. We activate a powerful civic infrastructure that identifies problems, creates innovative solutions, and implements these programs across partner organizations. For us, Advance Longmont means doing it together. Learn more at www.longmont.org.

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