Colorado Tech Shop Awarded Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant

Grant assists new and expanding target industry businesses in Longmont


Contact Name: Jessica Erickson, President & CEO

Organization: Longmont Economic Development Partnership

Phone Number: 303-651-0128

Email: [email protected]

Longmont, CO: The Longmont Economic Development Partnership (EDP) awarded Colorado Tech Shop a $10,000 grant as part of the Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant program to assist new and expanding businesses in target industries exemplifying high growth in potential Longmont, Colorado.

Colorado Tech Shop provides leading-edge electrical product design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly services to a wide range of industries including telecommunications, IT, health, solar energy, hospitality, and fitness. From concept, prototyping, and low-run component manufacturing to turn-key solutions, life cycle management, and end user fulfillment, Colorado Tech Shop strives to partner with its clients to deliver the right solution for their business and long-term success.

When asked how the grant funds support the success of their business in Longmont, Colorado Tech Shop Owner and CEO Katie Hedrick commented, “The Longmont EDP Advanced Industries Grant has allowed us to purchase new equipment and aided in the fit out of our beautifully designed new space, which includes community co-working space. The expansion in our capabilities will allow us to employ more local people with a potential for a second shift, as well as improve our efficiency, and give us the ability to take on work that would have been impossible before the new machinery.”

Regarding the ongoing support Colorado Tech Shop has received from Longmont EDP, Hedrick noted, “With Longmont EDP’s help we have gone from three people in 2,400 square feet just two-and-a-half years ago to a team of 19 that has just moved into 7,200 square feet. The wonderful people at the Longmont Economic Development Partnership have been absolutely instrumental in not only our initial growth, but our continued success. We can’t thank them enough.”

The Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant is designed to support Longmont’s primary and local businesses in their expansion efforts. Informed by the goals of both the Advance Longmont economic development strategy, and the Envision Longmont comprehensive plan, the Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant supports new and expanding businesses to the area, assisting business owners with building

improvements, permitting and licensing, regulatory compliance, equipment purchases or exterior and façade improvements. This program reimburses eligible expenses, up to the preapproved grant amount, for projects that submit an application and meet all of the criteria of the grant program. Funded by the City of Longmont, the Advance Longmont Target Industries Grant awards up to $10,000 with a priority given to businesses already established in Longmont.

More information about the Longmont Economic Development Partnership and all grant programs, including their respective applications, can be found on the Longmont Economic Development Partnership website at


About The Longmont Economic Development Partnership: The Longmont Economic Development Partnership is a public/private 501c(6) non-profit economic development organization serving the greater Longmont area. As Longmont’s primary agent for economic development, the Partnership leads a comprehensive and collaborative economic development strategy to promote and strengthen the Longmont community’s economic health. The Longmont Economic Development Partnership offers a variety of services and resources to support the relocation, retention, and expansion of business in Longmont and serves as the gateway to Longmont for all businesses.

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