The Partnership

What We Do

Our Mission

Longmont Economic Development Partnership’s mission is to lead a comprehensive, collaborative economic development strategy to promote and strengthen our community’s economic health.

A 501c(6) non-profit organization, Longmont EDP exists to help build and maintain a vibrant economy, and to help Longmont achieve its full potential for growth, prosperity, and inclusion.

Longmont EDP is a true public/private partnership, a networked organization bringing the resources of the public and private sectors to bear to create a collective impact on our shared economic future. Through this model, we are free to use creative approaches to economic development leveraging the time, talent, and treasure of both the public and private sectors to make sure Longmont becomes the best version of itself.

Longmont EDP is working alongside both our public and private sector investors in unprecedented ways to ensure Longmont’s continued success, making Longmont the most desirable location for businesses, entrepreneurs, and talent in the region and beyond by:

Strengthening Longmont's Competitive Position

Advance Longmont 2.0 is the City’s economic development strategy. It champions growth, prosperity, and inclusion as the pillars of a successful, vibrant, and resilient local economy. It proposes a structure of collective impact: a community-wide collaboration to address Longmont’s shared economic challenges and accelerate its shared opportunities. By focusing on Talent, Place, Industry, Connectivity, and Impact, Advance Longmont 2.0 presents Longmont’s best opportunity to tackle the issues that matter, and ultimately strengthen Longmont’s competitive position.

Marketing Longmont as the Ideal Location for Industry & Talent

A core function of any effective economic development organization is marketing the community nationally and globally as a premier destination for industry and talent. Longmont EDP is investing significant resources to:

  • Create and implement a full-scale, comprehensive economic development marketing strategy that effectively leverages owned, earned, shared, and paid media to sell the strengths of our community.
  • Diversify Longmont’s economic development marketing efforts beyond traditional “business recruitment” strategies, including talent attraction, attracting new real estate development to support the needs of our growing industry base, attracting new resources supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting the capabilities of our existing industry base.
  • Build a national-caliber economic development website and promote the use of technology-driven services for prospective new businesses and talent.
Supporting the Creation & Retention of Quality Jobs

Longmont EDP recognizes primary employers as any business which generates at least 51% of its revenue from outside the Boulder County region. These businesses help stimulate the local economy by infusing external dollars into the community and redistributing that income through wages and local tax revenues. It is these businesses, and the jobs they create, that spur growth of Longmont’s local economy. Lead generation and conversion for new companies and industries, as well as the retention and expansion of Longmont’s existing primary industry base has been at the heart of Longmont EDP’s core competency since its founding primarily through a strategy of targeting specific industry clusters.

These targeted industries reflect Longmont’s competitive strengths, either in concentration or growth potential. These targeted industries compose the core of Longmont EDP’s work in primary industry retention, expansion, and attraction: Smart Manufacturing, Business Catalysts, Food & Beverage, and Knowledge Creation & Deployment.

Longmont EDP since 2016 has spearheaded projects that have helped attract or expand more than 150 businesses, brought more than $1 Billion in capital investment, and impacted the creation of nearly 2,000 primary jobs in Longmont.

Advancing Opportunities for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Longmont EDP serves as a support organization within Longmont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, primarily through administration of the Innovate Longmont startup platform, and the annual Longmont Startup Week event. Through these endeavors, Longmont EDP maintains a strong and vibrant network of innovators and entrepreneurs who continue to strengthen the economic health of the community, developing an ecosystem in Longmont that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation to establish the next generation of employers and jobs.

Advocating on Behalf of All Longmont Business

Longmont EDP works with elected officials and community leaders to help shape policies that promote business creation, sustainability, and growth in Longmont. Longmont EDP works closely with the City of Longmont leadership and is an advocate for new projects, code updates, planning process changes, etc.

Longmont EDP’s ASPIRE Leadership Council represents a cross-section of private sector leaders driving collective problem solving by providing leadership and expertise to inform policy, strategy, and decision-making in Longmont. By building productive relationships between the ASPIRE Leadership Council and City staff and Council leadership, state, and federal congressional delegations, Longmont EDP is able to:

  • Contribute the talents and expertise of its private sector investors to specific public policy initiatives.
  • Share insights and collective knowledge gained through communication with City staff and elected leadership with peers around current and future policy issues.
Chart showing NextLight having the fastest ISPs in the United States in 2018
Map of the United States showing corporate income tax percentages in each state
Chart showing average electric rate in Longmont lower than Colorado overall and neighboring utilities
Price to income ratio chart showing Longmont's income ratio starting below 3 and rising to almost 5 between 2012 and 2018

Rigid Bits

“Longmont has been my home off and on since I moved to Colorado more than 12 years ago. I fell in love with the community and in 2015 decided to make it my permanent home. Because of the strong ties with the community, there was no question when I founded Rigid Bits in 2017 that it is where we would set our roots down. As an added bonus, NextLight is the fastest internet service provider in the country, which is a great fit for us.

Rigid Bits provides cybersecurity services to businesses nationwide, providing valuable insight to prevent attacks and respond immediately to cybersecurity events. Since 2017, we have supported 70 businesses across 17 states and a variety of industries. We have experienced 300% year-over-year growth with no signs of slowing down. Our plans are to continue to expand Rigid Bits’ services to support businesses in all industries with their cybersecurity needs, changing the way we work as the industry and threats change. As our growth continues, we will bring on new employees and just last month moved into larger office space in Longmont in preparation for our future”.

– Jeff Oden, Founder