Strategic Initiatives

Our citywide economic development strategy

Advance Longmont 2.0 champions a vision of growth, prosperity, and inclusion as the pillars of a successful, vibrant, and resilient local economy. Advance Longmont 2.0 implements a structure of collective impact: a community-wide collaboration to address our shared economic challenges and accelerate our shared opportunities. 

Read the Strategy

Advance Longmont 2.0 is the city’s official economic development strategy launched in 2019. It organizes objectives into five strategic focus areas: talent, place, industry, connectivity, and impact.

Meet the Partners

We leverage a powerful community roundtable to collectively solve problems: our Advance Longmont Partners. These partner organizations are instrumental to the success of Advance Longmont 2.0

Explore the Initiatives

Our initiatives are designed, developed and implemented by community working groups to support the long-term goals of Advance Longmont 2.0. These are regularly updated!  

Learn more about Advance Longmont 2.0 by visiting its dashboard site »

Our comprehensive fundraising campaign

Reach for the Peaks is a strategic funding campaign designed to deliver an expanded, highly professional and proactive, nationally competitive economic development program for Longmont. This program will enable Longmont EDP to identify strategic economic development initiatives and pursue them to reach for the peaks of Longmont’s economic potential.

National Marketing Campaign

Reach for the Peaks creates and implements a full-scale, comprehensive economic development marketing strategy that effectively leverages owned, earned, shared, and paid media to sell the strengths of our community and diversity our marketing efforts beyond traditional “business recruitment” strategies, like talent relocation. We have contracted with Avocet Communications to implement this campaign.

Fund & Leadership Council

Reach for the Peaks builds a fund that provides flexible resources to develop and implement strategies and pursue aspirational objectives supporting Longmont’s ability to achieve its greatest economic potential. This fund is guided by the ASPIRE Leadership Council, a leadership body made up of individuals and organizations invested in the fund.

A startup platform for entrepreneurs with transformative and innovative ideas

Innovate Longmont was established by a group of community-minded individuals who believe that investing in our local entrepreneurs will add to the economic vitality of Longmont. It is administered by Longmont Economic Development Partnership with Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce, TinkerMill, Boulder County SBDC, and the City of Longmont.

Since its inception in 2018, the Innovate Accelerator helps entrepreneurs transform vision and passion into a successful, scalable venture. It provides innovative early stage startups with a personalized accelerator program.

Front Range Community College and Innovate Longmont have partnered to create an intensive summer accelerator program for students. First piloted in 2019, the campus program trains cohorts of students on entrepreneurial principles.

An innovative talent relocation program built for business

Developed in partnership with Cornerstone Home Lending, we have developed a truly unique comprehensive relocation program that assists local employers with housing challenges for employees and significantly helps employers and employees with the high costs associated with relocation. 

Contact Jessica Erickson ( to learn more as this strategic initiative is rolled out.