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In our Advance Longmont 2.0 strategic plan update, we used rich data sets to build a comprehensive view of our local economy, ranging from top-line numbers like unemployment to specific calculations like the average monthly mortgage cost. We studied the economy using three core lenses: growth, prosperity, and inclusion. We also used cutting-edge methods to study our industry cluster make-up. We additionally studied certain focus areas from the original Advance Longmont strategic plan to gain additional insight about our economy and community.

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Top Employers

Explore our top employers in 2020 for both primary and local industry.

Community Profile

Learn more about our community and why Longmont is the right choice for you and your business.

Advance Longmont 2.0

Read our innovative strategic plan that champions a data-driven approach to economic development

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The standard economic development toolbox: GDP, unemployment, foreign exports, and more.


Prosperity looks at how well-spread growth is across the general population, occupations, and industries. 


Inclusion investigates whether the current growth trends are equally benefitting different racial and ethnic groups.

Industry Clusters

Our target industry clusters inform which industries with which we focus our primary industry development efforts.

Focus Areas

From entrepreneurial potential to affordable housing, these other data points serve as crucial points of analysis.

Partner Data

Aggregated data from partners and ongoing work in Longmont.