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Strategic Advantages


Why Choose Longmont?

You need a location with the right attributes for your company or client.  The right talent, the right tools and the right business environment are all mission critical components to your operation's success.  So what does Longmont offer?

Superior Talent

Boulder County (Longmont's Home) is the most educated county in the United States.  That's why companies such as Microsoft, Google, IBM, Seagate, Xilinx, GE, and many others are located here.  You can recruit and retain the talent you need to meet the demands of your operation.  Some of the best engineering talent in America can be found right here.

Competitive Costs

Longmont offers a cost structure that allows you to be competitive.  From electric rates to flex space costs to taxes and cutting edge fiber optic services, Longmont has a cost structure that beats many of the areas of the country with which it competes.  Our electric rates are among the lowest in the country and 35% cheaper than surrounding communities.  The City's fiber optic broadband network also offers a greater cost savings to companies with its new Gigabit service.  Longmont also has the most affordable housing in Boulder County.

Ample Infrastructure

From both a physical and business perspective, Longmont has the infrastructure to support your company's growth.  The best water supply on the Front Range; fiber, wireless and copper telecommunication assets; air, rail and road transportation; supply chain depth for a variety of industries: a regional hospital; access to a workforce of over 1 million; professional services and amenities; and world class recreation.  These are only a few of the reasons companies choose Longmont.

NextLight - Longmont's Fiber-Optic Broadband Network

Introducing NextLight , Longmont's community-owned fiber-optic network provided by Longmont Power & Communications (LPC). Over 100 years ago LPC began providing power and light to the community as a municipal electric utility. Now they are providing light that can carry gigabits of data in seconds, and can connect the community at the speed of light. Click this link to watch the video.

A Conducive Business Environment

Longmont will work with your company to meet your time frame for starting operations.  The City's Economic Development Department, along with the Economic Council, can work with you through the regulatory process to make sure your operation is underway on time.  Incentives are also available for qualifying businesses.
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